4 easy steps to repair your damaged hair

Straightening, coloring, blow drying, curling—women put their hair through a lot in the name of styling their hair. Regardless of whether your hair is extremely dry or heat damaged, it can profit notably from an oil treatment. Specifically, a hot oil treatment is an incredible choice for low porosity hair. Warmth opens the hair’s cuticle enabling the oil to infiltrate the hair shaft and make the treatment more successful. With the end goal to get extraordinary outcomes, you don’t have to buy a product that is particularly planned for this reason.
Certain cooking oils, for example, coconut oil, are incredible alternatives for hair care. With the expansion of essential oils, you can make your very own oil treatment mix and stretch out the advantages to your scalp also. The outcomes may incorporate less hair breakage; more grounded, shinier, smoother strands; and a more healthier scalp. You can even skip conditioner after your hair wash!

Things You’ll Need:
• 1 pot
• Water
• 1 little glass bowl
• Coconut Oil
• Spoon
• Brush
• Hair towel

Picking the Right Oil for Your Hair:
Stage 1: Mix Up the Hot Oil Treatment
Make a twofold oven utilizing a pot and a glass bowl. Fill the pot with some water and heat to the point of boiling, and after that put the pot aside to let the water cool a bit. Put one to two tablespoons of coconut oil into a glass bowl and signify 10 drops of your preferred fundamental oil and blend with the coconut oil. Place the glass bowl containing the oil in the water and given it a chance to stay there until the point when the coconut oil melts and the blend is warm.

Test the oil on your hand before putting it on your head before applying. The oil ought to be warm, yet not blistering hot.

Stage 2: Apply
Part your hair with a comb into a couple of segments to enable you to distribute the oil uniformly.
Pour a little measure of oil into the palm of your hand and back rub it into the main area of your hair. At that point continue with alternate areas of your hair. Apply any remains onto the hair ends, which are normally the driest and most harmed part of the hair.
Massage the blend well into your hair scalp in circular motions, if you have added essential oils into your hot oil treatment.

Stage 3: Wrap Your Hair In a Towel
A soft hair towel would be preferred to wrap your hair, so that the treatment would sit on your hair overnight. You can basically leave the treatment on for a couple of hours, be that as it may, to see a more drastic enhancement you should abandon it on for around 8-10 hours.

Tip: Ideally, utilize a delicate towel like Hubalou, which is made of bamboo fiber and is considerably more delicate to the hair than a microfiber towel. A soft towel prevents hair breakage.

Stage 4: Wash Out the Treatment
Wash your hair early in the day to remove excess dirt and oil. You may need to rewash your hair completely to wipe out all the oil, yet your hair will be gentler, more tamed, and much more grounded.
Hot oil treatments provide a number of benefits to deal with different hair care and styling issues. You should rehash this treatment at least once per week. If your hair is exceptionally harmed, do the treatment a few more times per week.

Hot Oil Treatment for Damaged Hair