Winter has effectively set in! Summer may be gone, taking its issues with it, however winter implies a radical new arrangement of issues that you have to manage. While the season is flawless to get settled with a cup of sweltering cocoa, you can’t overlook the way that the dry and bleak climate can wreak […]


Following these are the incredible tips for hair care: 1. Utilize an expert conditioner that is figured for your particular hair type. While you can hold back a little on the cleanser, a great, proficient conditioner is an absolute necessity have. 2. Pick a hair cut custom fitted to your face and body shape. The […]


Are your consistent habits causing your hair loss? While the diminishing of the hair can be said to be hereditary, there are various way of life decisions that influence the soundness of one’s hair. One thing that ads delineate precisely is the battle of having incessant hair fall. Waking up to observe the pillow to […]


There are an assortment of reasons which can prompt hair fall, however the most widely recognized and regular one is ageing. On a normal, one can lose between 80 – 100 hairs every day, of the 100,000 to 150,000 hairs on a grown-up head. There is a reason for concern if the hair loss is […]


Hair Loss is one among the significant issues adversely affecting on the magnificence of a man. Purposes behind hair loss differ from individual to individual as indicated by adaptable parameters like health and age. Hormonal disparity, fungal infection, eventual outcome of medical procedure or any kind of surgery, prolonged intake of specific medications and wellbeing […]

4 easy steps to repair your damaged hair

Straightening, coloring, blow drying, curling—women put their hair through a lot in the name of styling their hair. Regardless of whether your hair is extremely dry or heat damaged, it can profit notably from an oil treatment. Specifically, a hot oil treatment is an incredible choice for low porosity hair. Warmth opens the hair’s cuticle […]

Kylie Jenner Shows Support for Girl with Alopecia Areata

The youngest member of the omnipotent Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kylie Jenner, may only be 18 years old but she has already made her mark on the beauty and hair industry. From her carefully contoured makeup and much-publicised enhanced lips to her ever-changing hairstyles – mostly thanks to her own wig and hair extension line – looking […]

‘Baldly Beautiful’ Cancer Survivor Films Hair & Beauty Tutorial Videos

When 40-year-old London make-up artist Andrea Pellegrini was diagnosed with breast cancer last year it was the start of a journey in which her recovery was only part of the story. What Andrea could never have known the day she was diagnosed was that she would quickly become a YouTube sensation and an inspiration to […]

I Have Found That A Doctor Is Offering 50 Cent per Graft for FUE. What Do You Think?

Your guess is as good as mine. I really can’t validate this claim. Maybe the Taliban are driving down the prices. A real bang for your buck.  

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