‘How Do I Treat a Receding Hairline and Itchy Scalp?’

Name: Pete Question: Am losing a lot of hair around my scalp with receding hairline and its very itchy. What do I do about this? Answer: Hi, Pete. As you say that you are thinning on top and that this is in addition to having a receding hairl … [Read more...]

Top Basketball Star Says ‘Shoe Polish’ Was to Cover Thinning Hair

The psychological effects of hair loss on men can be so dramatic that they sometimes resort to drastic measures. One such option that could arguably be filed under that category is the using the hair product Bigen. Carlos Boozer’s Big(en) Mi … [Read more...]

Unethical Hair Transplant Doctor Transplanting Hair On Patient Who Did Not Need The Surgery

This is a note I sent to a patient I saw today. You have had previous hair transplants done by a Los Angeles doctor who has since lost his license. You received 3400 grafts in the front of your head. You were very frightened about the prospect of b … [Read more...]

Can I Get My 15 Year Old Femail Hairline Back

A young woman wrote this a while back and this week, just four days before these pictures were taken, we moved her hairline back to her 15 year old concave hairline. This is the same hairline that my wife had done here over a year ago. This rounded … [Read more...]

Surgical Complications in Hair Transplantation

Surgical Complications in Hair Transplantation: A series of 533 Procedures Sandro Salanitri, MD1, 5, , , Antonio José Gonçalves, PhD2, Américo Helene Jr., PhD3, 5, Flavia Helena Junqueira Lopes4 TwitterGoogle+The post Surgical Complications in Hair … [Read more...]

Hair Loss Consultation Comments: “I cannot fault them on anything”

“The clinic was professional and organised. The staff were friendly and helpful. The specialists were clear, up front and good-natured.” “I did not know what to expect visiting the Clinic but as soon as I arrived, the front desk … [Read more...]

World Hair Congress Explores Latest Hair Loss Research

Some of the world’s leading authorities on hair loss gather in Miami this week for the 9th annual World Congress for Hair Research. Their goal, as with every year, is to discuss the latest developments in hair growth, hair and scalp disease and c … [Read more...]

‘Does Stress Make Male Hair Loss Worse?’

Name: Matty Question: I have psoriasis which flares up badly when I get stressed and it’s pretty bad right now. My hair’s started thinning on top and I already had a bit of a receding hairline but I didn’t think I was losing my hair … [Read more...]

Clinical Trial Tests Secukinumab as Alopecia Areata Treatment

Researchers have announced a new hair loss study in relation to a potential treatment for the autoimmune condition, Alopecia Areata. A clinical trial due to start towards the end of November 2015 will explore whether Secukinumab (brand nam … [Read more...]